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What is Fluz?

Fluz is the newest, most revolutionary cash back app available, providing a potent way to earn serious rewards compared to all of the other now obsolete cash back platforms.

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What is the Fluz Network?

The Fluz Network is the sum of all the connections that you have either directly or indirectly made since the moment you first downloaded the app.

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How do I earn using Fluz?

You can earn money using Fluz through 3 primary methods. Making purchases through the app, completing bonuses and challenges, and through your network when they make purchases.

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Are the rewards payed out sustainable?

Absolutely, the rewards are 100% indefinitely sustainable since they only come from the active consumption of the Fluzzers that use the app.

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Where do the rewards come from?

The rewards distributed to Fluz members come from the partner retailers we have agreements with, and is a “thank you” for Fluz’s role in bringing them that customer.

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How much does it cost to use Fluz?

Fluz Fluz is completely free to download and use. We will never charge a fee to sign up. You just download the app, and shop as you already normally do, and watch the money roll in!